URI – The Surgical Strike |Brilliant Movie which puts complete Strike to Bad Cinema

By Priyanka Raina

How to start reviewing, when there are many verdicts on film every week. Ok , let me say SANJU types – There may be many films coming and already seen on war but ONE MOVIE in spam of year comes JO SABKI FAAD DETI HAI.

We are talking about this week second release URI – The Surgical strike which is  full of entertainment with a certain message that will get you the feels of being Patriotic. It is a film of not any specific actor but its Complete Director’s (Aditya Dhar) Cut – A Director’s Vision to show the war cuts , Cinematography especially to shoot those night sequences , Visual effects , Sound effects , Graphics and huge credit goes to entire Post Production team for framing the film so uniquely.

Talking about Actors as there are so many but will name a few.  Kamli fame (Vicky Kaushik) looks promising as a Army officer . Paresh Rawal is no doubt the best as Officer in-charge . Then when you come from Tea Break , Dont take Dakaar as there’s a surprise cut from across the Borders introducing versatile Actor Rakesh Bedi  – Start of second session which will make laugh from heart.

img-20190113-wa0024 (1)
Rakesh Bedi in URI The Surgical Strike

Movie is Divided in form Chapters . There are Six Chapters- Three before the the Interval and Three After. Post Interval , Movie takes a twist when Vicky Kaushal requests PM to put him Kashmir mission and Also promises that will bring each soldier back alive.

The PR’s Verdict – THe Movie is a Complete Director ‘s vision , Brilliance of Indian Cinema and must see atleast once for the technology

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