Jalesh Cruises launches “Karnika”, Cruise journey from Mumbai to Goa | Incredible India

When ever we think of Cruise , Guess what’s on our minds – The famous Kaho Na Pyaar Hai song “Pyaar ki kashti mein”, Isn’t it ? Unlike KNPH many more unlike HUMRAAZ with Bobby Deol, we have seen cruise in many film which have created Historic waves and if you get an Opportunity to Visit the Cruise , Then guess what happens- All the the Movie songs flashing over and over. So Here’s journey of Priyanka Raina who invited to newly launched KARNIKA to witness the fruitful journey of CRUISE LIFE.

Firstly Lets Salute our Indian Navy without whom Cruise is impossible to Run

Priyanka Raina with Indian Navy at Karnika Jalesh Cruise

Then as in our Tradition of  welcoming guests to  quench the thrst , so I could see the lovely starters which included of Lemon Juices, Thandai , Fresh juices and many more by Cruise staff.

Welcome Drinks by KARNIKA Jalesh Cruises



Then straight away went to 11th Floor which had a huge Deck area comprises of Pool , A small stage, Restaurants , Bar lounge and much more fun which you can see down in Video below. In short a complete Holiday Package by Jalesh Cruises in Karnika.

pJalesh Cruises has 14 Floors , Each floor loaded with huge entertainment.

Like on 8th Floor is the CASINO BAR where you can play Casino and win loads of cash.

On 6th Floor , There’s an Auditorium which has a stage where international dance performances are organised in means of Entertainment. Like one we could see in Humraaz Barasht nahi kar sakta .

There are cabinets on each floors for residents who travel on Crusies.

You can Embark your Travel Sea Journey from Bombay to Goa and even Chennai and witness incredible Historic Cruise  of Incredible India.

Priyanka Raina ‘s Insta stories tells us all about the journey of Karnika , Enjoying Deck Life, Sitting on pool side and musch more apart with Loads of means of Entertainment

Watch Entire Journey and naming Ceremony of KARNIKA

Log in to https://jaleshcruises.com/ and Book your memorable Sea journey from Bombay to Goa, Chennai ports.

Priyanka Raina Loves Jalesh Cruises , Do you ?

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