NAKKASH (Review) | Religion in name of Politics

Written & Directed By : Zaigham Imam
Produced by : Pawan Tiwari, Govind Goyal
Cast : InaamUlHaq , Sharib Hanshmi, Kumud Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Gulki Joshi
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Well , Nakkash is a story of A talented Muslim Craftsman & widower, Alla Rakha (InaamULHaq) of Varanasi gets boycotted by his community; his son doesn’t get admission in Madarsa & police catches & beats him only because he engraves Gods in Hindu Temples. Soon! Alla gains popularity as a symbol of accord with a news article for which Munna, an aspirant politician loses his election ticket. What happens to Alla, a cast-off from his commune and disdained from Munna is the tale of The Craftsman.


The Other side of story SMAD (Sharib Hanshmi) who plays role of Auto richkshaw and how ruins life in the name of religion- Story is full of conspiracy.

Actors with Screen Name 

Played By –Inaamul Haq  Alla rakha siddiqui—Alla is an artist, 38 years of age.  He works on the designs and the interiors of the temple. He is a very simple man and believes in his work. His community looks down upon him as he is a Muslim but works in a temple and serves Hindu God. He has a son Named Mohammed who is 6yrs old and a Friend Named smad who helps him a lot in a day to day life.

Played By-Sharib Hashmi   Smad – Smad is an Autoricksha driver. He is 35 years old. Has has an old father who always curses smad for not able to send him to Hajj, so the basic aim of smad in life is to send his Father to Hajj anyhow. 

Played By-Kumad Mishra  Bhagwandas tripathi alias Vendanti –He is a Trustee of the shiv Parvati temple where Alla works. Vedantji is very literate and cultured Man. He gives respect to all religion and he is man of his words. He always supports Alla as he likes his dedication and creativity towards his work. Vedanti has a son Munna bhai who is a running Candidate of a ruling political party in a Town.

Played By-Siddu  Mohammed – Mohammed is a son of Alla. He is 6 years old. He wants to study but he dint get admission in Madarsa because his father works in a Hindu Temple. Mohammed has a very cute relationship with Smad, he calls him Ammi as Smad cooks for him and plays with him like his mother. 

Played By – Rajesh Sharma He Plays a tough Cop in the film. He is always against Alah Rakha working in a Temple as he is being a Muslim and not allowed to work in a temple but when he sees Allah’s artwork, he mesmerized in the same 

Played By – Gulki Joshi  Sbiha — Sbiha is very simple, charming, caring and innocent girl, little flamboyant though. she gets married to alla rakha. She also has same beliefs like alla to respect every religion. 

Played By- Pawan Tiwari  Mayank Tripathi alias Munna Bhaia—He is a son of Bhagwandas tripathi alias Vendanti.. Currently he is a running candidate of ruling Party

Watch out Video Review of NAKKASH here 


The Last Word: Nakkash tells the bitter truth about how one ruins life easily just by making religious rules


NAKKASH Releases in Cinemas from May 31st 2019 onward

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