You will be Forever in our Hearts , Rishi Kapoor Sir – Priyanka Raina

By : Priyanka Raina 

Had not come out from the Loss of one the finest Actors in Bollywood IRRFAN KHAN  , Woke up on 3oth April 2020 with the most Disheartening news on my messages about Rishi Kapoor.


Rishi Kapoor , Grandson of Prithviraj Kapoor and Son of Raj Kapoor , Father of Riddhima Kapoor Sahani and Ranbir Kapoor left us today with his Journey of Cinema from “BOBBY” to “THE BODY”. Also “Sharmaji namkeen” which will prior release later in 2020 and His “Mera Naam Joker” and “Shree 420” as Child actors.


My moments of Rishi Kapoor Sir are truly special , Very First I met him at “Sawaria” Premiere sitting in Screen 3 , Next to Dimple Kapadia (Rishi Kapoor was in Screen 1). Although that time didn’t have much interactions as was  totally new and was just a theater Student at Prithvi.

Second Moment was at PVR JUHU , when was going to Premiere and Man coming from behind and saying “please stop the lift”. I turned behind and it was Rishi Kapoor , Immediately I stood in between Lift doors and Rishi sir walked in with Neetu kapoor. Also they told me to enter and had privilege to be with cutest couple of Bollywood in lift for few minutes.


This was captured in Lift and smile came on our faces when Rishi Kapoor turned back to look at us.

Third Moment was at movie screening when suddenly Saw Rishi Kapoor Sir coming out from another Audi along with senior Journalist Jyothi Venkatesh Sir . There had small conversations.


Moment of the Lifetime was of coarse KHULLAM KHULLA moment, when Rishi kapoor Signed my Copy at Films and TV journalist awards. Interaction of around 10 mins were the moments to be the “Man with Cutest Smile”

And Journey began on Festival visits and still remember Have Wats apped MULK review to Rishi Kapoor. After 10 mins , got a reply “Priyanka , you have written character name wrong” . My happiness knew no bounds that Biggest Superstar read my review and replied ” thank you Sir , will correct it.

When I saw Rajma Chawal on Netflix and messaged  Rishi Sir ” What a fab film, Thank you for entertaining us witg great content which leaves huge impact on society” . On this Rishi Kapoor sent a “SMILEY” symbol. That time He was in New York treating for cancer.

Rishi Kapoor was such a straight forward and gave straight reviews also on his movie. Still remember his message when after watching THE BODY , I told “sir just loved your performance , Good message”. On this Rishi Kapoor imediately replied, “ Priyanka , theater mein tumhare Siva koi aur bhi tha ke nahi”


On this I smiled and Thought that’s why He is one of my favorites, “He is loyal with work and knows the facts. At least Rishi Kapoor don’t live in fake world. Then I sent Picture with Ramesh taurani and Jyothi Venkatesh as you can see, that even they liked movie. And Rishi Sir smiled and said “OK”.

Cute Moments While Rishi Sir signs my Khullam Khulla copy

Well that’s our Bollywood Lover Boy RISHI KAPOOR– Your Presence will be missed thoroughly and Now you are with my Father  somewhere on the Skies Above. Bollywood will miss great actors Rishi Kapoor , Irrfan Khan