Birthday Wishes to Neetu Kapoor on ZOOM Birthday night !

“First of all , Thank you Neetu Kapoor mam for taking out your prestigious time with your wonderful fans organized by Sanjana Iyer on ZOOM at Birthday night and was lovely talking to you on your iconic journey of films right from Do dooni chaar when you were 5 to Do kaliyan (When you were 8 ) to your comeback film now with Jug jug jiyo” – Priyanka Raina

By Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina : Starting from your journey right from your childhood when you acted in movie “Do kaliyaan” to you comeback film “Jug jug jiyo”, what was you experience when you faced camera after so long ?

Neetu Kapoor : I was actually nervous, you have to remember dialogues , the say it , was a bit hard but fun , although a different experience. And as I go covid while shooting Jug Jug jiyo , so had to travel back to Mumbai and then Chandigarh. One more thing “Do kaliyan” was not my first childhood film, that came much later when was eight years old. I had acted in “Do dooni chaar” when was five years old. and I had come back some years back with “Do dooni chaar” only which was featuring Rishi Kapoor.

Priyanka Raina : Oh that’s great. Also I had been seeing your amazing fitness videos on yoga , its so inspiring to youth. What message would you like give to youth on Fitness journey ?

Neetu Kapoor : Fitness is always something I am focused on, As I lost many friends due to over weight, also my mother Rajee Singh had weight problems and I had made clear to myself that I will never leave yoga. And fitness is something that everyone should care on. because Body is the place you live in , and one must respect it. You are all young, you must take care of yourselves from now- Do Yoga as it gives relaxation with freshness to your minds.

Priyanka Raina : If am not wrong, was seeing your Cindrella movie . Your mom Rajee Singh acted in it naa – Pari role

Neetu Kapoor : (Excited) Oh yaa, she had acted in couple of my films , one was Cindrella . Also she was seen standing on local shop in movie “Doosra Aadmi”

Priyanka Raina : Lovely, apart from your movies ….. I had seen now all Raj Kapoor films and became a huge fan of him. Tell me some of your favorite Raj Kapoor films?

Neetu Kapoor : Raj Kapoor – He was a Legend. My favorite movies are Sangam and “Hum dil de chuke sanam“. These are films I can watch any time and I would never get bore. What cinema he had created, Timeless!

Then she introduced her Son in law “Bharat sahni” first to us on ZOOM call , followed by Riddhima , and samara . Aslo Karisma and Kareena were joined for a bit.

Priyanka Raina : Exactly ! As my generation would never knew about Legend Raj Kapoor. I myself knew about him after reading the book “Khullam Khulla“. And then had seen all Raj Kapoor movie and was totally taken aback.

Khullam Khulla moment

Neetu Kapoor : Khullam Khulla ! (Takes a deep breathe) It took almost two years to write that book. He (Rishi Kapoor) use to say story on phone call and editor use to write accordingly. There were almost so many drafts before went for final cut. When I read it, use to say “Edit this” and He (Rishi Kapoor) bindaas use to tell “Let it be , let everyone read about the journey, the truth”. But that’s how he was actually on twitter too, he spoke straight from his heart, never scared of anyone.

Priyanka Raina : Hmm and there are also some lovely Raj Kapoor sets on your Pune farm of the song “Ghar aaya mera pardesi” and “Ram teri ganga maili”.

Neetu Kapoor : Oh yes…

Priyanka Raina : Coming to your fans , There ‘s lovely Digital poster designed by Vishu for your Birthday event.

Neetu Kapoor : Oh lovely ,Thank you Vishu so much

Priyanka Raina : As we conclude , can know the approximate date of Jug jug jiyo release.

Neetu Kapoor : It all depends on current situation , it may go until next year. As situation gets normal , we will be shooting last part of it in September. Lets see when the theaters get open ..

Priyanka Raina : Theaters will reopen very soon , when everyone gets vaccinated , until then we all have take care and stay safe.

Well that’s was lovely interaction with Neetu Kapoor on her birthday night with lots of cinema talks.. If you like article , then do post your feedback on comments section below

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