“I am not Perfect, That’s Aamir. If I am , I will b God”- Faissal Khan

The “Mela” fame actor and younger Brother of Superstar Aamir Khan, Faissal Khan finally hits with FACTORY as his “Debut” direction. Coming to Direction, Faissal had already assisted in films unlike “Jo jeeta wohi sikandar”, Tum mere ho”. Apart from Mela , other hit films as actor are “Madhosh“, “Dushmani” , “Border hindustan ka” and many more. The first time Director showers his baby with love , and is waiting to open theaters soon.

By Priyanka Raina

Faissal Khan tells on board to Priyanka Raina, “That earlier too which ever projects I was even acting , was completely involved in it , weather its assistant direction or production. So coming to direct a film wasn’t surprising for me , earlier Sharik Bhai was suppose to direct but things didn’t work out, so I felt that I have a very good potential , A vision that would make it a perfect day.”

On this Priyanka tells, “Coming to perfect , how perfect are you” . Faissal replies in cunning way, “I am not perfect by any chance, That’s Aamir. I am simple man who has a vision. If I will be perfect , I will be God

Also coming to singing Faissal Khan has a sung a Romantic number in upcoming FACTORY, as he had learnt singing in past, taken classical training. “As many actors have sung in the past, so I thought why not give it a try”, Faissal Khan marks with a smile. With this Director Faissal Khan introduces his star cast of film Factory – Roaleey Ryan as Natasha, Ribbhu Mehra as Rahul, Rajkumar Kanoja as Tommy , Sharad Singh as Ajit Bhalla and coming to myself, I had played the character of Yash Kadam.

Here you can watch characters in the video below, introducing themselves at ZOOM meet

Watch Factory Video full part Shot on Zoom (Part 1)

Watch FACTORY video full part (Second part)

FACTORY will be soon coming close to you , definitely first will be looking towards the theaters when it opens and then followed by OTT. If you liked the article , then don’t forget to mention your name in the “Comments” section below. Till then take care and Stay safe !

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