Akshay Kumar lends Support to NDTV & Piramal foundation ‘Cultivating Hope’

Akshay Kumar , Priyanka Raina

As many as 5650 Farmers and 6750 Agricultural labourers committed suicide in 2014, According to National Crime Records Bureau.

  • Why cant Farmers Invest Three to Four Crops instead of Only 1?
  • Why Cant Farmers be Salaried from Government , Just as these Corrupt Politicians get salaries for doing nothing?
  • Agriculture should be important Profession to Opt , only then we can Export out Food, Else in coming year – We may have to import even food stuffs.
  • Why Cant Farmers get employed as in Europe , and free to invest as many crops without any Tax.
  • Sorry to Say, Narendra Modi You may tie up with foreign delegates But a Common man like Farmers is dying , Do Welfare for the benfits of Common Man first instead of talking Big.

These are Points to be Undertaken by Government, For Betterment of India

Thanks & Regards
Priyanka Raina
(Film Critic| Director)

Akshay Kumar to support Orphan Kids who belonged to Farmers

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