BEFIKRE is a Complete remake of “NAMASTE LONDON”

To all fans, Here’s something exciting to know that recent released Film BEFIKRE *ing Ranveer Singh shocking to know that was not completely , but a Partly of SUPERHIT Movie NAMASTE LONDON featuring Akshay Kumar. 

Shocking , Recent Film Befikre by Aditya Chopra is  Remake of Namaste London by Vipul shah . Dont worry , We will prove by certain Evidences.


Evidence No 1 : In Befikre  Vaani Kapoor is Playing French Girl to Indian Parents who are settled in France , where as in Namaste London – Katrina Kaif is playing British Girl to Indian Parents who are settled in London.

Evidence No 2 : In Befikre Ranveer Singh is playing DILLI Boy who comes to Paris for his show “Comedy Nights with Ranveer” and decides to settle there , where as In Namaste London Akshay Kumar playing a Punjabi boy who has earlier made too many foreign visits but meets his love in Punjab (His native place) through his parents.

  • Why Namaste London Scored Better ?

Namaste London had some signs of respect where Akshay Kumar listens to conversation of foreighner and replies a ton in his national language hindi, where as Befikre had signs of fast forward life (Living Relationship) and Kisses all over.

Coming to Climax , in Namaste London Katrina feels love for India on thinking on sweetness melodies of her wedding and decides to settle back where as in Befikre love for India is shown through “Paranthas Vs Sandwhich

Songs of NAMASTE LONDON were sensational and emotional  rather then sex appeal, where as Songs of Befikre were more of revealing then coming to emotional track.

Also , on a special note Film Namaste London which had sweetness to explore hash behavioua of KAT to polite by Akshay Kumar, where as BEFIKRE had “I DARE YOU” between Ranveer and Vani to explore all daring naughtiest things.

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AIRLIFT (2016) Review |[Proud to be Indian, Jai Hind]

Airlift Poster

Directed By : Raja Menon
Produced By : Monisha Adwani, Nikhil Adwani, Aruna Bhatia, Manju Bhojwani, Inaamullhaq , Ferzana Wazheir, Pawan
Banner : Hari Om Entertainment, Enmay Entertainment, TSeries
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Purab Kohli, Nirmat Kaur
Review By : Priyanka Raina

We have Loved films based on war in past, Manoj Kumar Patriotic Films, Be it Mughal E Azam One of the Epic films or from recent one Tere Zameen , Border, etc where films are based on true & Real stories. Based on a True incident is our forthcoming film AIRLIFT which will threaten the viewers.

Airlift is based on True incident that happened in Kuwait on Aug 2nd, 1990 where it was attacked by Iraq & Kuwaitis were killed and tortured. In this , nearly about One & half Lakh Indians staying in Kuwait became scared & Didn’t know what to do as their Passports were with agents.

A Punjabi man Ranjit Katiya; (Akshay Kumar) who is settled with his family in Kuwait and has a huge business. When Kuwaitis were attacked, He was in a shock and went to Indian Embassy to apply for Visa to get back. While going on his way, He was attacked by Kuwaitis in which his Driver was killed. When Ranjit told, He is Indian – He was brought to Major Khalaf Bin Zayd (Inaamullhaq) where He was suggested that his tickets with family will be arranged to go back.

In the mean while his wife and Kid were attacked by Kuwaitis at Home. Somehow they came to his office where other Indians were also there. When Ranjit saw his employees, he decided to that he will save everyone  so he built an Indian Camp where all 150000 Indian were accommodated.

As Indian Embassy were merged by Iraq, He managed to call Delhi to Gen Sec (Dubey) as manager was his friend. Initially Dubey did not take seriously & told he has talk to ministers,  & did hard job in getting permissions from ministers.

Also We may not know that India had sent food through Ship Tipu Sultan to Kuwait. But Iraq told that we will not accept anything from anyone, so ship had to divert its way tp Dubai, which also lost hope of Indian staying there as they were told to accommodate in Ship as Gen Sec from Delhi told Ranjit.

Then with Hard permissions, He told Air India pilots to fly and get our people back. Initially they rejected as it was risky going there. After Discussions,over 450 Air India flights came to take their Men Back. This is what INDIA can do for his Countrymen, And Also Deep message to Indian’s living abroad that when ever you are in Trouble on foreign land then you remember India.

Director Raja Menon has a well researched story & tight script that will keep you connect & even shock you with the circumstances people faced there.

Music of the film is sensational which will touch your heart especially that song “Tu Bhula Jisse, Tujhko wo yaad karta raha” on hosting of Indian Flag at Jordan Embassy when they got permission from Delhi. On hosting of flag, there was Sigh of Relief on 150000 Indian staying there. Home is Home after all & where ever you go & Build our castles but never secured as we are in our HOMES

Character Graph: Khiladi Kumar Akshay Kumar leaves viewers with is extrawaganza perform with such a hidden story which many of us didnt know. Also Nirmat played her part well. Inaamullhaq was good in his small role and totally established his character. Also Purab Kohli is good enough.

Review : I have no words after watching film which stole my heart. AIRLIFT is a perfect release for Pre Republic Day & Every Indian should watch who thinks that India can’t do anything. India is Best and can reach any nation, and gives mesage that you may forget me But I will not forget my fellow members.

Rating : ★★★ Stars

(After Watching AIRLFT you will be Proud to be Indian , Jai Hind)

Watch Tu Bhula Jisse Song from AIRLIFT

AIRLIFT releases in Cinemas on 22nd Jan 2016

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Akshay Kumar lends Support to NDTV & Piramal foundation ‘Cultivating Hope’

Akshay Kumar , Priyanka Raina

As many as 5650 Farmers and 6750 Agricultural labourers committed suicide in 2014, According to National Crime Records Bureau.

  • Why cant Farmers Invest Three to Four Crops instead of Only 1?
  • Why Cant Farmers be Salaried from Government , Just as these Corrupt Politicians get salaries for doing nothing?
  • Agriculture should be important Profession to Opt , only then we can Export out Food, Else in coming year – We may have to import even food stuffs.
  • Why Cant Farmers get employed as in Europe , and free to invest as many crops without any Tax.
  • Sorry to Say, Narendra Modi You may tie up with foreign delegates But a Common man like Farmers is dying , Do Welfare for the benfits of Common Man first instead of talking Big.

These are Points to be Undertaken by Government, For Betterment of India

Thanks & Regards
Priyanka Raina
(Film Critic| Director)

Akshay Kumar to support Orphan Kids who belonged to Farmers

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Dadasaheb phalke

The Indian film industry is the largest in the world (1200 movies were released in the year 2002)[citation needed]. India also features the cheapest cost of tickets in the world (the average ticket cost only 20 US cents), and the biggest movie studio in the world, Ramoji Film City [citation needed]. The industry is supported mainly by the vast cinemagoing Indian public, although Indian films have been gaining increasing popularity in the rest of the world — especially  in countries with large numbers of expatriate Indians.

Regional film industries

A cinema hall in Delhi India is a large country where many languages are spoken. Each of the larger languages supports its own film industry: Urdu/Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam

Art cinema

First women composer--- Sarasvati DeviIn addition to commercial cinema, there is also Indian cinema that aspires to seriousness or art. This is known to film critics as “New Indian Cinema” or sometimes “the Indian New Wave” (see the Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema), but most people in India simply call such films “art films”.

From the 1960s through the 1980s, the art film was usually government-subsidised:  aspiring directors could get federal or state government grants to produce non-commercial films on Indian themes. Many of these directors were graduates
of the government-supported Film and Television Institute of India. Their films were showcased at government film festivals and on the government-run TV station, Doordarshan. These films also had limited runs in art house theatres in India and overseas. Since the 1980s, Indian art cinema has to a great extent lost its government patronage. Today, it must be made as independent films on a shoestring budget by aspiring auteurs, much as in today’s Western film industry.

The art directors of this period owed more to foreign influences, such as Italian Neo-Realism or the French New Wave, than they did to the genre conventions of  commercial Indian cinema. The best known New Cinema directors were Bengali: Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, and Bimal Roy. Some well-known films of this movement include the Apu Trilogy by Ray (Bengali), Meghe Dhaka Tara by Ghatak (Bengali) and Do Bigha Zameen by Roy (Hindi).

Art cinema was also well-supported in the state of Kerala. Malayalam movie makers like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, G. Aravindan, T. V. Chandran, Shaji N Karun, and M. T. Vasudevan Nair were fairly successful. Starting the 1970s, Kannada film-makers from Karnataka state produced a string of serious, low-budget films. Girish Kasaravalli is one of the few directors from that period who continues to make non-commercial

Alam AraBirth of Indian Cinema

In the year 1896, Dadasaheb Phalke just noticed Pea plant growing , and made the First ever Documentary “Birth of a Pea Plant”. Then Dadasaheb went to London to gain further knowledge and to screen “Birth of a Pea Plant”.On seeing , he was invited by Hollywood to Direct for them. Dadasaheb clearly mentioned that I will make only Indian films, for my country and returned with camera . So made a Silent Film Raja Harishchandra , which gave Birth to Indian Cinema Released on 3rd May 1913. In this film , male actors only played Females .

Then Dadaji thought , now its time to give Female Actor to Industry and so made Mohini Bahamasur and Introduced forst ever Actress to Indian Film Industry,

Now , It was the time to give sound to Indian Film Industry so he started researching on Sound and Created Bombay Talkies Studio. Under Bombay Talkies, First Talkie Film ALAM ARA – Directed by Ardeshar Irani was released in 1931.

The Film ALAM ARA starred Prithviraj Kapoor, Zubeida

And Then Journey of Indian Film Industry began and till date has more then 80000 Released films