Project Marathwada (2016)Review |Can Farmer’s get Justice ?

posterWritten & Directed by : Bhavin Wadia
Produced by : Prakash Patel , Jigna Patel, Jay Prakash Patel
Co-produced by : Niraj Patel, Parful Patel, Sandip Patil, Sadiva Khan, Bhavin Wadia & Eagle Eye Entertainment.W
DOP : Archit Patel,
Background Music Sanjoy Chowdhary.
Cast : Om Puri, Dilip Tahil, Govind Namdev, Seema Biswas, Farrah Kedar, Caroll, Kunal Seth , Rahul Patel.
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Talking about movies on Farmer’s Suicide which is always an major Issue, as Farmers are the Back bone of our Country. If they will not sow crops, what we may intake & Sad that Farmers who sow crops for us , Do not even get two times meal. Instead their lands are too occupied by Governments.

Our Story Project Marathwada deals on such issue – A Farmer TUKARAM (Om Puri) based in small village Nanded who is looking for Compensation from Govt because they had captured his land. As a Result , He lands to Mumbai to fight alone and meets with an accident by  car Driving by  FOUR STUDENTS. They are actually BMM students and got project on Farmer’s Suicide from college.

Media Hype begins when TUKARAM tries to burns himself infront of Mantralya and how these children deal with Media with their footage’s. And obvious when MEDIA comes in power , Truth ofcoarse cannot be hidden – Well that’s Our story “Will TUKARAM get justice or will he remain Sad and return”

Politician Govind Namdev , Builder Dilip Tahil , Wife Seema Biswas and hood t=in their small Roles & Did full justice to it.

Review : Can Give Three Stars to the Film – One for powerful & Convincing message on Farmer’s Suicide, One for maintaining the loop through out and last but not not least One to Entire Cast for thrilling performance .

Rating : ★★ ★ Stars

PROJECT MARATHWADA Releases on 3rd June 2016 all over in Cinemas

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Akshay Kumar , Priyanka Raina

As many as 5650 Farmers and 6750 Agricultural labourers committed suicide in 2014, According to National Crime Records Bureau.

  • Why cant Farmers Invest Three to Four Crops instead of Only 1?
  • Why Cant Farmers be Salaried from Government , Just as these Corrupt Politicians get salaries for doing nothing?
  • Agriculture should be important Profession to Opt , only then we can Export out Food, Else in coming year – We may have to import even food stuffs.
  • Why Cant Farmers get employed as in Europe , and free to invest as many crops without any Tax.
  • Sorry to Say, Narendra Modi You may tie up with foreign delegates But a Common man like Farmers is dying , Do Welfare for the benfits of Common Man first instead of talking Big.

These are Points to be Undertaken by Government, For Betterment of India

Thanks & Regards
Priyanka Raina
(Film Critic| Director)

Akshay Kumar to support Orphan Kids who belonged to Farmers

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