CM of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis Unveils Online Museum !

Ultra Media Unveils Online Museum – World’s No 1 Online Museum for Vintage & Current Coins , Stamps & Currency Notes in Presence of Honorable Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis!


Ultra Media was Founded in the Golden & Rocking Year 1982. It’s Leading player and Household name in Digital & Home Entertainment. Also, Company with High Entrepreneur experience in Field of Entertainment.It has Presence in all over India and International Markets. Ultra Media has Group strength of over 300 People.

Watch Launch Video Here 

Here we Generate , Personalized Selfie of Priyanka Raina with Honorable CM Devendra fadnavis.

Personalized Selfie of Priyanka Raina with Honorable CM Devendra fadnavis

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Proudly to Announce, India as one of the Leading Manufactures in World | Narendra Modi

Here We Go, India is is Leading Productions in World in Some Sectors and Use INDIAN Products, so We will be No 1 soon.

We have launched 57 Satellites for 20 Countries in World. We are Second Largest Exporters of Ayurvedic Medicines & Alternative Medicines Globally. We are Third Large Producer of Chemicals in  Asia. We are Forth Largest RAIL FREIGHT Carrier in the World. TITAN Watches and Hyundai & Tata Cars are known Globally.

India Deals with manufacturing of some of leading Steel Plants like Bhilai Steel Plant, Durgapur Steel Plant, Rourkela Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel Plant, IISCO steel Plant, ALLOY Steel Plants, Salem Steel Plants, Visvesvarya Steel Plant, Chandrapur-Ferro-Alloys Plant (CFP) and Lots more.

Do you know, The Steel weapon used in Kargil war is manufactured by us. Also Bangalore Metro which is known to be Oldest is Produced by India

Watch Video to Know more about Steel Plants

Now Coming on SHIPS which are the main Supplier to Supply goods through Sea Face, Planes which travels and delivers through Air, 2DX Backhoe Loader which is used in Construction, Tankers which used During War. All these are manufactured by INDIA in leading Terms.

Talking About Ships, Lots More of Contracts are Supplied to Main Ports Mazegoan (Colaba), Goa Ship Yard, etc Managed by Defense Sectors, Army and Caption of Ship.

Watch Video to Know more about India’s Leading Production in Defense Circuit

Next , Coming to Furniture, Home Appliance, Paints, Chemical Factories, Petroleum Factories where India is again known in Leading Productions. Unlike Bharat Petroleum, Asian paints, Dabur Products, GHCL Beds & Dinning Sets , Kitchen Appliances which are leading in all Terms.

Watch Video to know more about Leading Appliances on INDIA

Coming to Cars , TATA Motors and Hyundai Cars are the Best and above all Manufactured By India, so Kind Request Please choose these Cars. Make INDIAN Brands No 1

TATA Motors

That’s our Incredible India with some LoveDestinations Unlike Kashmir, Punjab, Aghra, MP, Mumbai , Hyderabad (Forts) , Rajasthan, We are also NO 1 in Leading Productions. I will use my Products to make by Country No 1, R you with Me ?

Priyanka Raina , Director of Clean and Green India

#MakeInIndia #IncredibleIndia #CleanAndGreenIndia #PriyankaRaina

Proud to Be Indian, Jai Hind

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Akshay Kumar lends Support to NDTV & Piramal foundation ‘Cultivating Hope’

Akshay Kumar , Priyanka Raina

As many as 5650 Farmers and 6750 Agricultural labourers committed suicide in 2014, According to National Crime Records Bureau.

  • Why cant Farmers Invest Three to Four Crops instead of Only 1?
  • Why Cant Farmers be Salaried from Government , Just as these Corrupt Politicians get salaries for doing nothing?
  • Agriculture should be important Profession to Opt , only then we can Export out Food, Else in coming year – We may have to import even food stuffs.
  • Why Cant Farmers get employed as in Europe , and free to invest as many crops without any Tax.
  • Sorry to Say, Narendra Modi You may tie up with foreign delegates But a Common man like Farmers is dying , Do Welfare for the benfits of Common Man first instead of talking Big.

These are Points to be Undertaken by Government, For Betterment of India

Thanks & Regards
Priyanka Raina
(Film Critic| Director)

Akshay Kumar to support Orphan Kids who belonged to Farmers

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