Prem Chopra Celeberated 81st Birthday , Sharing a Social message “Avoid Cold Drinks” !

The Team of LEHREN , along with Priyanka Raina  celebrated 81st Birthday of Legendary Actor and Most Veratile VILLAIN but a Good Man of all Times – “Prem naam Hai Mera” – Shri Prem Chopra

Prem Chopra, Priyanka Raina
On this Blessed Day , Prem Chopra didnt talk much about his past films as He believes in Today. He Further added, ” Life is to look Forward and with Blessings of all you Wonderful people – I am still working and feel totally Blessed”
And PREM CHOPRA also Congratulated Priyanka Raina after Seeing Cold Drinks is Injuious to Health Short Film and added , “I still say to my kids that it is dangerous & Avoid in take of aerated drinks , Instead they are so many healthy Drinks like Lassi , Chaas . Fresh juices , take that which is healthier and Don’t spoil your Health”
Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health Features Abhishek Bajaj and Navjot Singh. The Film is produced by Tapish Joshi under Banner  Devil Mixing Pictures .
Well Thanks so much for your Good Wishes and We wish you a Very Happy Blessed Birthday to our Loved Prem Uncle

Watch Entre VIDEO Here

Watch COLD DRINKS is injurious to Health 

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Check out Priyanka Raina ‘s New Photoshoot (Collections) !

Check out Priyanka Raina ‘s New Photoshoot (Collections) At Sunshine  !!

sunnset_couple_bicy cle_at_lake-    2880x1800
Priyanka Raina (New Photoshoot)

Check out Priyanka Raina ‘s New Photoshoot (Collections) At Sunshine !!

PRIYANKA MEMcle_at_lake-2880x1800 (2).jpg
Priyanka Raina (New Photoshoot)

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After AKIRA flopped miserably & Shivaay negative publicity- Can we Judge AJAY DEVGN in wrong PR Hands

After AKIRA flopped miserably & Shivaay negative publicity- Can we Judge AJAY DEVGN in wrong PR Hands

Ajay Devgn , Priyanka Raina

By not inviting Media inside , and just telling Red carpet event & PRO standing inside with Actors – What does this mean ? Are Media slaves or eager to cover events. Without MEDIA how they will reveal their party , so Media has to respected with Ethics

Writing this Letter as Ajay Degn Sir is a Dear friend since I won contest of Once upon a Time in Mumbai, and from then who always respects me – But your Company is in wrong PRO hands who is responsible for your series of Flops by not sending Digital Media invitation
Let me Clarify, After I heard the entire evidence of Kumar Mangat – KRK recording & Kamaal R Khan Press conference, and already I know what tyoe of person Parag Desai is – Can tell Ajay Devgn sir that Parag Desai who was thrown out of KRK ‘s office because of rude behavior, How that person can do your PR.
Ajay Devgn Sir, “I respect you and seeing your graph that your films in row flopped miserably and seeing AKIRA’s result – Time to repeat History &Throw Parag Desai from your office too who is creating Dirty politics and negative publicity of your Dream project Shivaay” Said by Priyanka Raina
Also not giving importance to Digital Media by PRO’s where as Actors respect Digital Medium, then why they on Twitter and other social Networking sites whrere as Arjun Kapoor or many of them have ther personalized YouTube channel.
Also Recently Karan Johar who respect Digital Media, launched Ae Dil Hai mushkil digitally social Networking sites.
Also sharing some evidences which I was shocked to hear
Listen to Shocking conversation between Kumar Mangat & KRK


I salute KRK (Kamaal R Khan) for revealing truth about Parag, and Ajay sir “Please remove your Goggles and see your PRO after having Series of flops”

Kamaal R Khan KRK ‘s reply in Media 

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Priyanka Raina Felicitated at her own school , AUXILIUM CONVENT at Media film Festival !

“It was a Proud Moment Cold Drinks is injurious to Health was screened at my school AUXILIUM CONVENT at MEDIA film Festival & guesses also honores Token of appreciation by Principal”, Priyanka Raina says in Excitement
Sr Hilda , Priyanka Raina at AUXILIUM CONVENT


– Media Film Festival is organised by SISTERS of Auxilium Convent high School where seven to Eight schools participate . And guesses Street children, Poor students who can afford to go to schools are provided with books and shelter.
Also to OLD AGE HOME, where Old people can come and stay happily and help other needy ones.
MEDIA FILM Festival is basically an NGO formed by AUXILIUMs Sisters who devort their lives in bringing out the needy  ones, inorder to Neighbour Children’s Parliament (NCP), human Rights Education.
MEDIA FILM FESTIVAL at Auxilium is organised by Sr. Rosaline; Sr Magdeline;
Glenn and Auxilium students to conduct Charitable functions

Also with activities such as Interaction with Families, Parent Meetings, Regular assessment, Healthcare, Talent search, Short outings, Games, Summer Camps

Watch Video : Priyanka Felicitated after COLDDRINKS screening


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Happy 70 th Independence Day (From the World of Short Films) !!

Happy 70 th Independence Day

Manoj Kumar (Bharat) and Priyanka Raina

A small presentation from the Team of Omniscent Entertainment , In association with Just Bollywood to show the beautiful Journey of Short Films till Date !
Clean And Green India, ZINDAGI, Azaad Bharat, DUM , Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health, Tring Tring Wrong Number, Main Heroine banna Chahti hoon, and many more…..

Song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar

Watch Video Here

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Dharmendra , Gulshan Grover, Poonam Dhillon, Madhu Unveil SAVVY HONOURS – Celebrating Success !

! Dharmendra , Gulshan Grover, Poonam Dhillon, Madhu, JackieShroff Unveil                                  SAVVY Honors , Celebrating Success !!

The SAVVY HONOURS – Celebrating Success enlighten with Megastars Dharmendra , Madhu (Roza Fame) , Poonam Dhillon, Kanika, Jacky Shroff,Deepshika Nagpal, Gulshan Grover, Phahalad Kakkad, Pooja Batra , Ramesh Sippy, Kiran Juneja, Priyanka Raina, Jyothi Venkatesh , Tanmay Bharadwaj and Many others At TAJ on 24th july 2016

Priyanka , pooja and Gulshan ji
Gulshan Grover ,.Pooja Batra & Priyanka Raina at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra , Poonam Dhillon & Gulshan Grover at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra, Gulsahn Grover, with Tanmay Bharadwaj at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra Unveils SAVVY HONOURS
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My Dad’s films were Musical, So keeping in Mind selected Title HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA | Monjoy Mukherjee

Mukherjee’s known for making Musical Films & Legacy Continues with Forthcoming HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA !
What comes when we Hear the Name of JOY MUKHERJEE, A long list of Films which Define Cinema are on List. Films “Love in Shimla”, “Love in Bombay, “Bahu Beti” and many more on the list. Apart from this , They are also known for bringing Fresh Introductions to the Industry….
Munjoy Mukherji (Director) , Sujoy Mukherji (Producer) and Priyanka Raina | Hai Apna Dil To Awara
And as we say The Legacy continues, In Year Monjoy Mukherjee makes Debut with famous Old Song as Title “HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA” where he introduces Fresh Introduction. On this Monjoy replied , “Now a days Audience wants to see freshness in where you consider Romantic Comedies. Also keeping my Dad film in mind, I made it musical too with six songs around.”
HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA is a Story of Four Couples with Emotions, Romance and Musical film where in a One fine Trip to Kashmir – Hurdles they come across. The Movie HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA Introduces Fresh Introductions – Sahil Anand, Vikram Kochar, Harry Tangri, Nilesh Lalwani, Niyati Joshi, Divya Chauksey, Zaika, Sarah
If we consider in 2016 , Most films liked by Viewers are Content Driven. The reason being Today’s Audience are more practical and they live in Real life. This  is also a great sign to Makers who give Good Cinema. In short, If your Content is good – Its likely to be loved by Audience.
Now as Ekta kapoor started the League of keeping Old Songs as Titles in her Serials – Bade Achche Lagte hain & Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh ; which became among Viewers.
On this in an Chat with Priyanka Raina , Sujoy Mukherjee tells that as Everyone Loves to Listen Old songs, & They can relate with the title and as Usual famous DEV ANAND song “HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA” needs no description.
The Film is Directed By Monjoy Joy Mukherjee and Produced By Neha Gupta, Deepak Gupta, Monjoy Mukherjee & Sujoy Mukherjee.
Hai Apna Dil To Awara (POSTER)
Hai Apna Dil to Awara (Poster)

WATCH EXCLUSIVE Interview HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA by Priyanka Raina here

HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA Releases on 5th Aug 2016
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Sonali Raut Adds Flavor on Portraying Zeenat Aman, & Her #LipStick Shades !

Sonali Raut, Priyanka Raina

Sonali Raut Adds Flavor on Portraying Zeenat Aman, & Her #LipStick Shades !

In an Exclusive Conversation chatting with Priyanka Raina, Xpose Girl Sonali Raut whom we had seen in Zeenat Aman Outfit (White Saree) , Chates about her Latest flick on Shades of Lips Stick. Well This is not about Lifestyle, Its about the the Song in her Latest film GREAT GRAND MASTI 0 Releasing in Cinemas on 8th July 2016.

Also Sonali Adds , That her Major scene from XPOSE was cut by the CENSORS , which we could see was just a inch of it.

Sonali Raut applies a Lot of Lips Stick in Song and also to all Three Boys Ritesh Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani , Vivek Oberoi. Also Reveals her Favorite Shade is RED as its Hot, revealing, Color of Love and Bridal Color too.

Further Sonali Raut Clarifies , I think I am totally Blessed to Portray as Zeenat Aman and couple of days back got Opportunity to work with her in a Web Series  .

Watch Sonali Raut  EXCLUSIVE Conversation with Priyanka Raina here 

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Priyanka Raina has just released her latest package of of Three ‪#‎ShortFilms with MEDIA & Film Fraternity‬ !

Reknown Film Critic Priyanka Raina (Zindagi Fame Starrer Sahila Chaddha) who had Directed her latest venture ( Short Film Series ) comprising of Three Short Films , all based on Different scenarios .
Avtar Gill , Sahila Chaddha , Dillzan Wadia launch Priyanka Raina's Shjort Film Series
(L-R) Vikas Kaushik , Sahila Chaddha, Avtra Gill , Gautam Bhatia , Priyanka Raina and Her Actors – Abhishek Bajaj (Cold Drinks) , Yash Khandelwal (Tring Tring Wrong Number) and Charu Sharma (Heroine
Firstly , Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health which will tell the reality how it can be defective to our health. Its is based in the form of story. The Introduces Two fresh Talents Abhishek Bajaj and Navjot Singh. It is Produced by Tapish Joshi under Devil Mixing Pictures & omniscent Entertainment.
Secondly , TRING TRING Wrong Number deals with miscommunication that Boyfaces when he goes to see girl for Marriage. This Story introduces Fest New Talent YASH KHANDELWAL & is produced under Princess Productions and Media Entertainment & OmniScent Entertainment.
Last But not Least , Third is Main Heroine Banna Chaahti hoon deals with the struggle of actors and Casting couch that is happening which is really absurd. Further it gives a lovely message on Positive Note , that first Belive in your selves and Prepare yourselves. This Story Introduces GAUTAM BHATIA & Fresh new Talent CHARU SHARMA.
Thanks ASHOK GOSWAMI ji for ur Valuable Time for Support of Short films.  Pix (L-R) Gautam Bhatia, JYOTHI VENKATESH, Priyanka Raina , Ashok Goswami, Sahila Chaddha & Keval Kumar


Short Films Series Launch was followed Suprise Birthday Celebrations of SAHILA CHADDHA with Media & Entire Cast and Crew & Film Fraternity members Avtar  Gill, Dillzan Wadia and many more.

 Short Films Series  (Three Short Films ) Directed By Priyanka Raina will Go on Live on You Tube Soon !
Follwed by SAHILA CHADDHA Birthday Celeberations at Short Film series Launch

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Priyanka Raina Directs THREE Short Fiilms, Also Fresh Talents being Introduced !

Priyanka Raina who earlier Directed ZINDAGI featuring Miss India | Bollywood Actress Sahila Chaddha , Now coming up with Series of Short Films in the pipeline where many fresh Talents are Introduced. Also will be be Unveiled on Birthday of SAHILA CHADDHA.
Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health (Poster)
Tring Trig WRONG NUMBER (Poster)
Tring Tring Wrong Number (Poster)
Tring Tring Wrong Number is written by Maneesha Pradhan & Directed by Priyanka Raina. It will see Fresh faces Yash Khandelwal & Gayatri in Pivotal Roles.
Main Heroinne banna chahti hoon (Poster)
Main Heroine Banna Chahahti Hoon (Poster)
Main Heroine Banna Chahahti Hoon is writeen by GAUTAM BHATIA & Directed by Priyanka Raina.
Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health , Tring Tring Wrong Number and Main Heroine Banna Chahati hoon will be Unveiled on 2nd July in presence of Entire Film Fraternity & Media , Followed by Birthday Celebrations of SAHILA CHADDHA
THREE SHORT FILMS will be LIVE on 1st  july on YOU TUBE, after screening the first look to MEDIA, followed by Party !
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