Cherishing Memories of 2016….. As We Welcome Glamorous 2017 !

Here we go, as we all set to Welcome 2017 with our open hearts – So Lets take a loop of flashback into the Glorious 2016 ….

2016 started with a Bang with Shooting of Kannada film No Ball in Bangalore in the very first month january as an Debutante Actor in South. This film is directed by Om Prakash Naik & Costars Akash, Priyanka Raina, Virendra Mishra, Charu Sharma in pivotal roles. The film is Slated to release in 6th Jan 2017

Still from kannada Movie Poster | Releases on 6th jan 2017

Then Interviews and Parties were always apart, then considered with writing on some of constructive subjects – where launched my First Party in Media on 4th July 2016. My Three Short films Cold drinks is injurious to Health, Main Heroine Banna Chahti hoon, Wrong No which introduces a Fresh faces.

Glimpse of My First party

Some of the few updated links by Reknown Critics

There are lots apart, which can Google it out. Also was privildged to be a part of Grand MAMI Party which was held at GRAND OPERA HOUSE 

Now Blast from past from Goa FILM BAZAAR Party where saw two of most lovely films A BILLION COLOR STORY by Satish Kaushik & KAGAJ KI KASHTI , directed by Brahamand singh

Kagaj ki Kashti screening , with Director Brahamand Singh & Monjoy Mukherji

The Film bazaar was a bang apart as had our stall of DOCS AND SHORTS fest of ramesh Tekwani sir which is going to be held at Paris. Here are some highlights….

Also some of the Mega Stars Birthday Celebrations of Legends like PREM CHOPRA which we did Retro with LEHREN 


Then Also glad my Film as individual PR and Marketing which was infact a love;y film with freshness in it – HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA , A Film by Monjoy Mukherji !

Well these are some apart , and can be in touch through Facebook Live where live reviews by Priyanka Raina are given –

And there are many interviews but sharing this one as this special , as its on social message Film PARCHEED by Leena Yadav. The Film is Produced by Ajay Devgn.

“These are some of the Cherishing Memories of my 2016 as look into , and with my open arms I welcome Rocking 2017”- Priyanka Raina

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Befikre (2016) Review | Chiffon Sarees to Bikini’s

Befikre Poster

Directed By : Additya Chopra
Produced By Yashraj Films
Cast : Ranveer Singh , Vanni Kapoor
Review : By Priyanka Raina

About Talking films, we all are aware of Biggest Hit that is Running so far in Theaters Dilwale  Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – which I think all of us would have loved in our Childhood. Also when we talk about YASHRAJ legacy  what comes to our minds – sweetness, Love story, Chiffon Sarees, Romance, Isn’t it ?

Now talking about latest Film BEFIKRE by Aditya Chopra who is almost returning after Decade to his Direction, Its a Love story related to very Modern life style and shown that First they hook each other, Then Love and later Friends.

First Half is interesting where just hook each other with some Boldness and Masti full of feverishness, where as Second half goes a Bit slow as it was considered to coming back to our our own traditions where Vaani kapoor shows difference between “Paranthas and SandWhich

In short , BEFIKRE is story of DHARAM PAAJI (Ranveer Singh) who comes from DILLI to Paris for his show Comedy Nights with Dharam where he meets (Vaani Kapoor) on candid Disco day and they decide to carry on. Vaani Kapoor  is a girl from Paris , But her parents from Patiala who shifted to Paris and took citizenship. How she changes from French girl to Indian Girl , basically its that.

Also in Past , Movie has come NAMASTE LONDON featuring Akshay Kumar & Katrina Kaif – A Bit of similar story with different shades

Review : Can Give THREE STARS To the  Film – One for its Story line for keeping eye contact, One to Rocking RANVEER SINGH and one to the Director ADITYA CHOPRA

Rating : ★★ ★ Stars

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Watch First Short Film of YFILMS in Love Shots- #TheRoadTrip

Watch First Short Film of YFILMS in Love Shots-  #TheRoadTrip Featuring Mardaani fame Tahir Raj Hussian and your very own Nirmat Kaur

Nirmat Kaur & Tahir Raj Hussain in #TheRoadTrip , Love Shots ( Y FILMS) with Short Filmmaker | Film Critic Priyanka Raina

You know that thing they say about how men don’t listen and women can’t read maps? It’s true. You’ll find out how much you really love someone only when you take a road trip together. When everything from GPS navigation to Drum n Bass on the car stereo tests your limits.

Join Archana [Archie] & Nikhil [Nik] as they try to take one such romantic drive and realize that it may not be just a car that’s broken down.

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TITLI (2015) Review | (Art of Innocence)

Directed By : Kanu Behl
Cast : Shashank AroraShivani RaghuvanshiLalit BehlRanvir ShoreyAmit SialPrashant Singh
Produced By : YRF Films, Dibakar Banerjee Films
Review By : Priyanka Raina


Films based on Reality sometimes do leave a deep message behind , as it well connects with common man like can say about Farook Shaikh films, which was known for their simplicity. . Lets see weather TITLI suprises audiences by it simplicity

Titli (Shashank Arora) had his own fantasies of starting his own business, as he wanted to stay away from hisHis elder brothers Vikram (Ranvir Shorey) and Pradeep (Amit Sial) who were kidnapping people for living. Dad (Lilit Behl) was rarely involved in all this.  So they decide Titli to get married inorder to take hisfreedom to Neelu (Shivani). Now Shivani loves Prince (Prashant Singh) who is a Builder and is already married. Titli decided her to take to Primce , what happens next is rest of the story.

Music of the film is universal , Now every time lyrics are not important, as it’s a  reality film so music has to be more on background score.

Acting is more frequent in all characters and puts them into real characters which I think , a Common man can go through.

Review:The film is watchable for those who belives in good piece of cinema, For all those  who used to love Farookh Shaikh movies and all

The Last Word – Ratings are not Commercial basis but on Theatrical basis, for those who belives in Good art of cinema

Rating: ★★★

Watch TITLI Trailer

TITLI Releases on 30th Oct all over