Teraa Suroor (2016) Review |Suroor of Love against Hatred

Directed By: Shawn Araha
Produced By : Sonia Kapoor & Vipin Reshammiya
Cast : Himesh Reshammiya, Shekhar kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Shernaaz Patel, Farah Karimi
Creative Producer : Rakesh Upadhaya
Review By : Priyanka Raina

TERAA Suroor Poster

Anything is fair in Love and War , Love has no Conditions – Very true said by whom so ever had written this. We have seen earlier Movies like Gumraah featuring Sridevi is a example where she gets in hold of Drugs and how  He fights for her and she realizes true love which proved to be a Winner. Now lets see Teraa Suroor will win Audience Suroor or not ?

Teraa Surror reveals on Facebook chatting between Anirudh and Tara (Farah Karimi) , where he does friendship with her and on her Breakup with her Boyfriend Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya ) , Anirudh takes advantage and calls her to Dublin for Dance performance. She gets caught with Drugs bag on her way from Airport, and when sees Anirudh Facebook Profile, its already being deleted.

The Story Revolves into different phases from here, Raghu comes to save her & not of coarse in 1990 style that he will go to jail, face torture and then escape. From Here, its a total different move with some of great people who come into Raghu ‘s life like Robin ‘Bird’ Dharamraj Santino(Naseeruddin Shah) , Judge ‘s Husband Rajeev Kaul (Shekhar Kapoor) , Lawyer  Elle Jordan (Monica Dogra).

Will Raghu be able to get his Love? Will Elle Jordan win case and save Tara ? And Mystery of Anirudh well maintained throughout the film leaving into Conspiracy. Interval is the Best part with great punchline and Second half will see lots of Twist and turns. Shehnaaz patel is good in her small role of Himesh ‘s Mom.

Music : Music of Tera Suroor by Music king Himesh Reshammiya needs no wordswho has top charts earlier with Prem ratan Dhan Paayo  and now too is key point with great songs like Bewafa, Bekhudi, and also the title track of-coarse Tera Suroor.

Direction : Director Shawn Araha has maintained the suspense throughout, keeping in mind the Commercialism of film in a short span time of 104 Minutes. The film also adds tribut to earlier songs of Ishq Samundar, some of Anil Kapoor Dialogues. Also , Shawn has maintained a well impact Love Story though out between Himesh and Tara.

Review : Dialugues are key point with some of very good script like “Translation Declined”, Pagal Pagal khelte hain” and lots more.Music of the film is catchy with good score. Brilliant performances by all Actors, and Well written script by Director Shawn, So give Four stars to film.

Rating : ★★ ★ ★ Stars

Watch TERAA SUROOR Trailer here

TERAa SUROOR Releases on 11th March 2016 in 1100 Cinemas all Over !

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Dirty Boss (2016) Review |Story of Abrupt Producers

Directed By : A Coming of Age from the Director of Tere Bin Laden

Dirty Boss Poster

When ever a movie made to show the Bad phase of Industry, Its obvious that film has to be on Sexual issues and to Reviewers like me , who are Strong Film lovers – Would not Entertain. Such movies like COOPERATE are true , coz in other Industries besides Bollywood  – Exploitation is more. Lets see our what our  next movie DIRTY BOSS tells us.

Dirty Boss is a story of BOSS (Raju Kher) who in-spite of being married wants to have affair, so produces movies and want to get closer to Heroine.  Well that’s the Story in one Line, Its basically story of Abrupt Producers , who have no links to movies even 100 miles away. They just want to do Timepass and that’ s why spoiling the name of our Lovely Film Industry

Review : Raju Kher is good at Comedy , but other characters are too loud . Story is good , but could be more materialized

Rating : ★★ Stars
Dirty BOSS Releases on 11th March in Cinemas all Over !

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Bollywood Diaries (2016) Review |Extent in Madness of Film Lovers

Directed By : K. D. Satyam

Cast : Raima Sen, Salim Diwan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vineet Kumar Singh, Karuna Pandey and Robin Das.
Review By : Priyanka Raina
Bollywood Diaries (Poster)
What is  Love to Cinema – Passionate about Cinema or Madness about Cinema. I would Prefer both, Like Showing Passion in Madness. Films likeFILMISTAAN featuring Sharib Hanshmi, InaamUlHaq have come in past as a Tribute to Film Lovers and has been hugely appreciated. Now Lets see , weather Bollywood dairies establishes its name in Viewers’s Dairy or not !
Well , Bollywood Dairy is a Simple story based on Life style of People in DILLI, who wants to pursue their career in Acting , and are waiting for their Ticket to Bollywood.
Director KD Satyam has conveyed his message through his Three Lead Protagonist , who Live Bollywood and want to come anyhow to Mumbai from DILLI.
The First one (Ashish Vidyarthi) who is well settled with his family in DILLI and works as Chartered Accountant, But not satisfied with his Job. So takes Retirement and plans to come to Mumbai when he get Heart Attack and then Hospitalized.
Second One , (Raima Sen) who is a Prostitute in DILLI and is mad about Bollywood, that she has given customers discount if they from Mumbai. One Asst Director comes to research about Brothel , and she is excited to meet him. She gives her story and later on Known face is casted. She in depression lands in Dance Bar.
Third One, (Gupta) is young boy of 27 who works in call Center and uses Work calls on his personal struggle calling up Filmmakers for chance. He gets mail from Bollywood Calling Audition Hunt and registers himself. In auditions, he does some harmful stunts on which Judges think he can built TRPs and use him for Two Rounds. He thought that he cleared Two rounds and now on Final Round . When auditioning for Final Round, on his Ticket to Mumbai – Judges de moralize him saying He doesn’t know Acting on which He becomes Mad.
Music of the Film is good and sensatinal which takes you  aback in some scenes.
Review : On Performance wise, No Doubt all Characters were Brilliant in their Cults. Story was Good, But too Over at Times. Can’t Help, But this is happening in Small Towns outside Mumbai who think “Mumbai is Ticket to Bollywood”. Can give 1.5- 2 stars to it.
Tips to Newcomers : I would sincere request, instead of thinking to come to Mumbai and then struggling for Bollywood is of No use. Today Bollywood has changed, and gone more into Digitally. Instead of seeing that some one calls me, or Talent Hunt(which are pre planned on who is Winner) and Hunt they just do to built TRP’s .
Be you Own Boss , Create your Own Team in your Home State , Write a Good Content & Make SHORT FILMS. Upload on YouTube Channel which is Globally. Send your Entries to Film Festivals and if its good , will be Appreciated.
Rating : ★★ Stars
Bollywood Diaries Releases on 26th Feb in Cinemas all Over !

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Aligarh (2016) Review | Mesmerizing Journey of Civility to Aligarh

Directed By:  Hansal Mehta
Written By : Apurva Asrani, Ishani Banerjee
Cast : Manoj Bajpayee, Rajkumar Rao,  Ashish Vidyarthi,
Produced by : EROS
Review By : Priyanka Raina

When ever movie is based on social issues , its obvious Movie will  reflect certain positive and negative feedback as well. But if the Movie is on 377 Act ,can turn an Eye opener for many of us who think that these people are not part of society.  Earlier Films like Dunno Y  Naa jaane Kyon featauring Kapil Sharma & Yuvraaj Parashar , which first movie to based on 377 Act did not fare well, because that time people were not ready to accept the sensitvity And lets see how Hansal Mehta manages  with Aligarh to convey his Audience.

Film Aligarh portrays on the life of 64 year old Marathi Professor SIRAS (Manoj Bajpyee) who was about to retire from Aligarh University in just three months, and was harassed by Politics caused by Aligarh University by shooting video of him sleeping with Richkshaw Driver Irfan saying that He is Gay.
On this An Intern Reporter from Times Today Deepu Sebastian (Rajkumar Rao) from Dilli looked at other side of story and went into depth of it. At that time He planned his journey from DILLI to Aligarh to go into depth of it for writing. Also felt sorry on cheapness of University and raised topic that “What right has someone to enter in their private lives”
But till the Time Section 377 came under power and supported the cause of Professor Siras, and Case went till court  where we saw the real phase of University. Brilliant Performances by Lawyer Anand Grover (Ashish Vidyarthi) who played Lawyer of 377 section.
Also , Manoj Bajpayee is huge Fan of Lata Mangeshkar in movie and often listens to old songs on his Tap-recorder. Some Moments in the film, which will really touch your inner soul and will force you to think about particular character 
Characters Graph : One can’t just describe Acting skills of Versatile Actors Manoj Bajpai, Ashish Vidyarthi , They are just beyond it. RajKumar Rao was good enough in his convincing power as a journalist.
Direction : Hansal Mehta delivers a well researched story that stars on 8th feb 2010, with certain parts in between for Court’s date and Ends on 15th April 2010 with a valuable message. 
Screenplay By Apurva Asrani was totally taken a back, especially old songs by Lata Mangeshkar which were well pictured to show Fan Moment of Manoj Bajpayee. Also definition of LOVE was well described in proverb “Its a Beautiful World”
Review : Aligarh can be defined as a Masterpiece which is Beyond 377, Apart its conveys so many messages. What right someone has to peep in someone’s window, Also Disrespect to Senior Citizens which is totally unethical. 
Aligarh is a Must watch film for Everyone to change everyone’s perspective of peeping into someone’s Privacy. My ratings – 3.5 – 4 Stars to Film  
Rating : ★★★★ Stars
Watch ALIGARH Trailer 

ALIGARH  releases in Cinemas on 26th Feb 2016

Manoj Bajpai, Rajkumar Rao and Priyanka Raina
Priyanka Raina with Manoj Bajpai and Rajkumar Rao , 

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AIRLIFT (2016) Review |[Proud to be Indian, Jai Hind]

Airlift Poster

Directed By : Raja Menon
Produced By : Monisha Adwani, Nikhil Adwani, Aruna Bhatia, Manju Bhojwani, Inaamullhaq , Ferzana Wazheir, Pawan
Banner : Hari Om Entertainment, Enmay Entertainment, TSeries
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Purab Kohli, Nirmat Kaur
Review By : Priyanka Raina

We have Loved films based on war in past, Manoj Kumar Patriotic Films, Be it Mughal E Azam One of the Epic films or from recent one Tere Zameen , Border, etc where films are based on true & Real stories. Based on a True incident is our forthcoming film AIRLIFT which will threaten the viewers.

Airlift is based on True incident that happened in Kuwait on Aug 2nd, 1990 where it was attacked by Iraq & Kuwaitis were killed and tortured. In this , nearly about One & half Lakh Indians staying in Kuwait became scared & Didn’t know what to do as their Passports were with agents.

A Punjabi man Ranjit Katiya; (Akshay Kumar) who is settled with his family in Kuwait and has a huge business. When Kuwaitis were attacked, He was in a shock and went to Indian Embassy to apply for Visa to get back. While going on his way, He was attacked by Kuwaitis in which his Driver was killed. When Ranjit told, He is Indian – He was brought to Major Khalaf Bin Zayd (Inaamullhaq) where He was suggested that his tickets with family will be arranged to go back.

In the mean while his wife and Kid were attacked by Kuwaitis at Home. Somehow they came to his office where other Indians were also there. When Ranjit saw his employees, he decided to that he will save everyone  so he built an Indian Camp where all 150000 Indian were accommodated.

As Indian Embassy were merged by Iraq, He managed to call Delhi to Gen Sec (Dubey) as manager was his friend. Initially Dubey did not take seriously & told he has talk to ministers,  & did hard job in getting permissions from ministers.

Also We may not know that India had sent food through Ship Tipu Sultan to Kuwait. But Iraq told that we will not accept anything from anyone, so ship had to divert its way tp Dubai, which also lost hope of Indian staying there as they were told to accommodate in Ship as Gen Sec from Delhi told Ranjit.

Then with Hard permissions, He told Air India pilots to fly and get our people back. Initially they rejected as it was risky going there. After Discussions,over 450 Air India flights came to take their Men Back. This is what INDIA can do for his Countrymen, And Also Deep message to Indian’s living abroad that when ever you are in Trouble on foreign land then you remember India.

Director Raja Menon has a well researched story & tight script that will keep you connect & even shock you with the circumstances people faced there.

Music of the film is sensational which will touch your heart especially that song “Tu Bhula Jisse, Tujhko wo yaad karta raha” on hosting of Indian Flag at Jordan Embassy when they got permission from Delhi. On hosting of flag, there was Sigh of Relief on 150000 Indian staying there. Home is Home after all & where ever you go & Build our castles but never secured as we are in our HOMES

Character Graph: Khiladi Kumar Akshay Kumar leaves viewers with is extrawaganza perform with such a hidden story which many of us didnt know. Also Nirmat played her part well. Inaamullhaq was good in his small role and totally established his character. Also Purab Kohli is good enough.

Review : I have no words after watching film which stole my heart. AIRLIFT is a perfect release for Pre Republic Day & Every Indian should watch who thinks that India can’t do anything. India is Best and can reach any nation, and gives mesage that you may forget me But I will not forget my fellow members.

Rating : ★★★ Stars

(After Watching AIRLFT you will be Proud to be Indian , Jai Hind)

Watch Tu Bhula Jisse Song from AIRLIFT

AIRLIFT releases in Cinemas on 22nd Jan 2016

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Chalk N Duster (2016) Review | Education wins over Corrupt System

Directed By : Jayant Gilatar
Produced By : Amin Surani
Banner : Surani Pictures
Cast : Shabana Azmi, Juhi Chawla, Upasana Singh Bharadwaj,Aarya Babbar, Samir Soni, Divya Dutta, Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff & richa Chaddha
Review By : Priyanka Raina
We have seen Educational films in past like Do Dooni Chaar, 3 Idiots which are some where related to teachers, to change the Education system & has been hugely appreciated by viewers due to it great message. Now Lets see Our next film CHALK N DUSTER which again is a Solo Release, how it fares with Audience ?
Juhi Chawla & Aarya  Babbar

Film Chalk N Duster opens with Annual Day Prepartions of Kantaben High School, where Dacnce Teacher Jyoti (Juhi Chawala) & Art Teacher (Upasana Singh Bharadwaj) are doing rehearsals with students for Annual Day. Twist comes when Head Clerk Kamini (Divya Dutta) tells lies to Anmol Pareikh (Aarya Babbar) who is a UK return , that She has done preparations for Annual day & Takes the honor of Principal.

On Getting Powers, Kamini increases fees , puts charge on Tea , Inorder to haraas Teachers so they on their own leave and go, So can appoint younger ones.
But Here comes twist , when She raised fingers on Vidya (Shabana Azmi) that she is incapable of teaching – Who has given free lectures & classes to students who can’t afford. These words came in ears of Jackie Shroff (Who is owner of No 1 School) & He sent Media (Richa Chaddha) to Kantaben School and Then you know “When Media is there, Truth can’t be hidden”
Rapid Fire Round is the Best Round by Anchor (Rishi Kapoor) where Questions are Set by Anmol Pareikh & Kamini Gupta. And Spontaneous Answers by Vidya mam & Jyoti Mam. Here also you will get some GK like “First Petrol Car” , etc
(Samir Soni) is an Computer Engineer and plays is  supporting Husband of Jyoti Mam (Juhi Chawla) . Child Actors are really good and thenspecial appreances of NASA scientists and Pilot who are students of Vidya.
Direction by Jayant Gilatar is just Super. Great story line which is portrayed by sweetness and simplicity, and keeps it charm throughout.
Music By Sandesh Shandilya is sensuous especially “Aye Zindagi”  & “The fear of Algebra” which guesses will remind you of Algebra and Geometry.
Review:  Film Chalk N Duster is full of Entertainment with strong Content & good message to open the eyes of Corrupt System which is Sad , But true. And also you will send “Good Morning message to your Teachers after Watching or might you may even go for Picnic to you School.
Character Graph : Juhi Chawla looks lovely as Dance teacher, which actually took me back reminded of my Hindi Teacher. Shabana Azmi  (Maths teacher) and I can really remember lessons given by Naina teacher on Algebra. Aarya Babbar also maintains his presence even in his small appearance . Special Appearance by Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Richa is again Outstanding. And Last but not Least Vampish Divya Dutta , you are juts thundering after Bhagban.
Ratings: ★★★★ Stars
 Film Chalk N Duster Releases on 15th Jan 2016 All over !

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Chota Bheem (2016) Review | Enroute Locations of Manali

Here’s the First Review on Year 2016

Genre : Animated, Comedy-Adventure.
Produced by: Rajiv Chilaka & Samir
Directed by: Rajiv Chilaka & Rosauro.B.Addrable
Review By : Ankit Agarwal

CBHA poster

When ever movie on Animation are made in past , like Tonpur ka Superhero – which are evolved to be Kids entertainer. Naam Se chhota but kaam se bade bade pahaad(Mountain) chad jaai. This is our  Chhota Bheem. Now Lets Chota Bheem , how it fares with the Audience.

Movie will take you to the World of snow i.e Manali. Chhota bheem along with his team wanted to play with snow, so all of them went to Manali with the permission of king,But unfortunately they were not getting permission to get inside the kingdom of Manali. As always happen when there is HERO there is a VILLAIN. Chhota bheem and team came to know that they can’t go inside the kingdom because of Hidambak i.e villan of movie. Real Movie starts from there, Children will not stop Laughing. Great sense of comedy in the movie.

Locations of the film are just fab , as Today Children staying in cities are hardly aware of Snow and They will enjoy great feel of SNOW in the movie.

Direction is fab and can be called as Great entertaining movie. Movie will teach you how to face untoward situations. Also Movie has Advertisement of Parle-G in between the movie, which I guess is every Kids favorite

It will boost your confidence level, Age, Height doesn’t matter if you have courage and confidence you can tackle any situation.

Animation of the movie is totally well rendered and the way of locations are created to maintain the beauty of nature.

The Last Word : Movie clearly stated that friendship is great power with which you can achieve anything in life. Always give your hand to truth.

Ratting: ★★★★ Stars

Chota Bheem Releases on 8th Jan 2016 All over

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Bajirao Mastaani (2015) Review | Me Maratha

Directed By : Sanjay Leela Bansaali
Produced By : SLB Films & UTV Motion Pictures
Cast : Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukarne
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Bajirao Mastaani Poster

When ever Histories are recreated, its obvious to be related with Historic iconic characters. As we have all studied History in school , so we all know abut rare achievements of Mughals Akbar, Shahjahan or be it our Own Maratha Kingdom Shivaji Maharaj or One and only Peshwa Bajirao.

Peshwa Bajirao (Ranveer Singh) is a Brave Love story of a warrior Bajirao who in order to rescwe Kingdom falls for a Girl Mastaani (Deepika Padukarne). While their Love is on the Peak , He remembers and gets back to his own Kingdom where his  Wife (Priyanka Chopra) waiting. Well that’s a Sweet and Simple Story of Extra Ordinary Person BAJIRAO, What happens next, watch it at your Nearby Cinemaas.

Music of the Film is sensational which makes you gfeel the marathi culture, Pinga Song pictured on Two Beuties Priyanka & Deepika will make you fall in Love with you.

Direction , Just one word to Describe – A Masterpiece created by Sanjay Leela Bansaali , A Well researched film !

Cast : Brilliant Performances by Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukarne, and Priyanka Chopra looks fab even in her small Role.

Review : Five Stars to the Film which defines a Masterpiece and also Students can see Baajirao Mastaani and revive their History Periods

Ratings : ★★★★★Stars

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The Silent Heroes (2015) – Review | ” Now words to speak , No sound to hear , Just a dream to fulfill”

Written and Directed By : Mahesh Bhatt
Produced By : Kamal Birani & Mahesh Bhatt
Banner : Hans Production & Reality Films
Cast :  Maanuv Bharadwaj  as Kapil Malhotra) ,Priyanka Panchal as Gauri Singh,  Mann Bagga as Dipankar, Simran Deep  as Hima,  Nirmal Kumar Pant  as Colonel Thapa
Review By: Priyanka Raina


When ever a Film is based on Educational on several issues like Unemployment , Corruption, Its obvious for the Betterment and always Supported by NGO, Now  on such a Sensitive Topic, Weather Deaf and Dumb students be able to do Rock Climbing, River Rafting. Will they be alble to reach Expectation ?

Yes Based on a Sensitive issue is our Story “The Silent Heroes” – Located on Exotic locations of Uttarakhand, A School for Daf and Dumb Students where they being taught Mountaineering Course.

Some scenes are rather emotional , when Deaf and Dumb kids are left alone on Hike and how they bravely fight their battle.

Also, Film “The Silent Heroes” gives a Message that never think anyone week. Always support the the weeker students and encourage instead of criticising.

THE SILENT HEROES has been screened at various film festivals and received excellent audience response ,Kolkata International children’s film fest , Dehradun international film fest and Prayag international film fest, to name a few.

This film is directed by Mr Mahesh Bhatt ( debut feature film ), who has been working with various national & international television channels on socially relevant stories and adventure stories for more than 2 decades .

The Silent Heroes Stills

Review : (Ratings Does not include on Commercialism, as This is not Commercial Movie. The Silent Heroes is judged as Educational Movie )

Rating : ★★★ Stars

Listen More From Maanuv Bharadwaj (Lead Actor) about Experience with Deaf and Dumb Students

The Silent Hero Releases on 11th dec 2015 !

Hate Story 3 (2015) | (The Last Word)

Directed By : Vishal Panda

Produced By : TSeries

Hate Story 3 Poster

When we see movie on Jealousy, Hatred , Its obvious that the reason has to be Money that who will get Stardom. Some of the most lovely stories like HUMRAAZ featuring Sunil Dutt  is a example of this. Now lets see HATE STORY 3, how it fares in attracting its audience.

Hate Story 3 is a Story of two Brothers Vikram (Priyanshu) & Aditya (Sharman Joshi) who fall for the same girl Siya (Zarine Khan). On Aditya getting stardom, Siya betrays Aditaya and goes to Vikram. Now Fight between Two Brothers. Well that’s the Rest of Story of Hatred over Love.

Songs of Hate Story 3  which are already on Chart-busters are decent to attract its target audience,  Guess Stories like this are getting appreciated which will force to make Film-maker to show more Revealing.

 Rating : Its Watch-able for its targeted Audience , But not a Family movie